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Please write any comments here which could help other which also have problems with the pumpstation or your opinion on the problem.

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Written by: Gretchen, 31/10 2003, 06:05

I have a 2500c+ inkjet and am unable to print multiple copies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Written by: said, 8/10 2003, 21:50

i repair the pompe station on hp 2500c, and i have always the same message "c ink low" , but it's a new cartridge, and i have another problem it won't print with the black ink , an it's a new one.

please help me.

Written by: Eugene, 28/9 2003, 06:25

I have a HP2500c printer. O got it mainly for the A3 capability...well recently I have been getting a nasty vibration of the paper feed rollers and plate that they are mounted on....so violent was the vibration that the printout lines were very wavy, and not straight as they should have been. I took the printer to the local HP Service Agent, who replaced the main logic board...(it took them over a week to locate the problem), and when I got the printer back home, it kept saying that all three colour printheads were faulty. This was not happening prior to
taking the printer in for servicing. What I think has happened is that the service company for whatever reason removed the print heads ( all except the black) and now there's an air lock in there somewhere....can anyone help to get the printer heads working.....what I don't want is to have to spend another NZ$255 US$175 to replace heads which were working fine until I sent it in for service

Written by: Phil Sexton, 8/2 2003, 14:52

I have been refilling the ink cartridges for my HP2500C, but now I am getting the error that cartridge is falty. I think it may have to do with the date codes. Is there a way around this?

Written by: Ashley, 2/2 2003, 21:54

Ammar your email account is unknown so go to the HP site and under drivers you will see both MAC OS8 and MAC OS9 drivers for the HP 2500C.


Written by: Ashley, 2/2 2003, 21:25

This fault was also corrected by www.fixyourownprinter.com.

They say they have a much better design than the HP version and will NEVER break. Have a look at there site for details, my HP2500C is fine on all fronts although i cant seem to remove the air from the IDS or Heads and not yet found a way to either, any help there would be nice.

Anyone else managed to get air out of the system?


Written by: Ammar, 24/9 2002, 15:32

Please send me Mac Driver for this virsion of printer
Your coaporation is highly Apprechiated

Written by: Rene Mogensen, 28/8 2002, 22:43

According to Carmelo Grecia in the HP forum http://forums.itrc.hp.com the ink station for the MIDS or modular ink delivery system for the 2500C is under recall from HP, This is the p/n#: C2684-60306 1 Assy Ink Supply Station, and it should be possible to get a new one without any cost. I have not succeeded in getting one but I am still trying.

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